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These are key goals we strive to have as constant factors of our business. Without moving forward, one gets left behind.
With Concord Products on your side there is not even a chance to slow down. Why?
Look within What's New and see just a few of the many ways we built Concord to be a front-runner of progress.
Without the fluidity of progress there cannot be true competition in an industry. Our goal is to set the precedent for our competition.
Below you’ll find what sets us ahead and what propels you as a customer forward.



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*   Architectural Simplicity

*   20/20 Giza/CAP Software

*   Concord Purchase of Rosemount Velocity

*   Product Innovations Award

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Architectural Simplicity - New Product Line - 2012

With its seamless butt-joint glass, anyone can appreciate the simplistic look of the latest Concord Products line: Architectural Simplicity. With economically sensitive pricing, the elegance of full glass walls is available for any budget. With options ranging from a barely-visible floor track to a sturdy double pane extrusion, this system is sure to impress.

These glass architectural walls are offered with three different size tracks: Thinline – 25/32”, Midline - 1 ¾”, and Wideline – 4 ⅜”. The Thinline track provides a sleek and modern look while remaining stable for architectural wall use. It can also be combined with Midline or Wideline. Wideline can accommodate single pane glass or double pane glass, for improved acoustics.as-0008

Concord Architectural Simplicity is filled with options that create unique environments with every office. The glass panels can be connected by seamless butt-joints made of polycarbonate or aluminum. We offer frameless, framed glass, or solid doors as well as double pane sliding doors. Choices for the walls range from powdered and anodized finishes to vinyl film to a combination of glass and material. Customizing each project exemplifies the versatility and style of our latest line. Look online to see a full photo gallery.

Concord has made efforts to keep these full glass walls available to as many people as possible. Our prices are competitive with our customers at the forefront of any new line we introduce. Additionally, these walls are fully demountable and re-locatable so a company can keep their invested office image wherever they move, or change it up with a reconfiguration.

pics220/20 Giza/CAP Software

Here at Concord Products we are always striving to move forward in how we produce, how we correspond, and how we ensure customer satisfaction. As a result, we're making advances in how we go about facilitating the entire quoting and estimating process with the inclusion of the ever popular Giza and Cap software.

It's been our goal, as of late, to provide an accurate and easy to follow Catalog of our Velocity product line for our Dealers and Representatives. The download has been available since last December's DVD from 20/20 Technologies, and here we are sending you an invitation to start using it.

Please see below a link to our Catalog from 20/20 Technologies. The sooner you download and start taking part in yet another avenue of progress, the better we can furnish your customers. We anticipate this catalog will fill all your needs and if you should happen to run into anything of concern, please don't hesitate to contact us personally.

We appreciate the support that you have given Concord Products and it is our confident claim that this will only help strengthen our business relationship and reap many rewards for current and future Velocity projects with three easy steps:

1. Install Giza and CAP links below 2. Start drawing and quoting 3. Send in a Purchase Order

We will do all the rest. Again, thank you for all the consideration and cooperation from all of us here at Concord Products. We look forward to working with you ever more so in the future. I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday.

Sincere Regards,

Giza Install: http://downloads.giza.com/upload/CPC_GIZAinstall_113010.exe

CAP Install: http://downloads.giza.com/upload/CPC_CAPinstall_113010.exe

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v-0007Concord Products purchases Rosemount Velocity

As of November 20, 2008

In an effort to increase vertical market growth Concord purchased Rosemount's Velocity desking system on November 20th. This unique product brand is a hybrid of systems and desking furniture that provides extreme flexibility to the modern worker.


What is a flexible desking system? Whether applied to an individual office or a team environment, the VELOCITY System adjusts to fit the varying sizes, shapes and work habits of the modern worker. Because of its extreme flexibility and real-world design, the VELOCITY System is design to support and work with changes in personnel and work environments. That's why the VELOCITY System can be easily adjusted. With the VELOCITY System, today's mobile and transient workers can adjust their office to what works best for them. It's a flexible desking system that gives you comfortable, productive workers for your current employees and for any future new hire.

Research has shown that some of the most productive communication between workers happens spontaneously. The Velocity System accommodates this. With the VELOCITY System, workers can quickly and easily remove panels and add tabletops for instant meeting areas.

• All work surfaces are height adjustable.

• All upper storage is height adjustable.

• Bi-level corner work areas provide maximum flexibility in support of computer operations.

• Barrier-free design adapts easily to any worker.

Today, office systems demand more than ever. With the VELOCITY System, plug-in access for computers, printers, phones and fax machines couldn't be easier. It is also designed for easy cable management, making full use of both vertical and horizontal channels.

• "Plug-n-play" adaptability at desktop height no more crawling under desks.

• "Lay-in" wiring channels-no more fishing wires through holes.

When it comes to desking systems, we think it's all about the individual. With VELOCITY System's virtually tool-free assembly and lightweight components, your employees can adjust their office by themselves, for themselves. The industry calls this "user-configurable systems." We call it common sense.

Concord Products, "Ergonomic Workplace... Sustainable Furnishings"


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Microcomputer Technology

cp  computerlogo 2Innovation, technology, progress - When you hear these words what do you think of? We think Concord Products. Ideas for the best ways to produce forward movement are constantly flowing in our atmosphere. Our Stealth Panel has won awards for its cutting edge concept. Through our experience we have found that in the furniture industry, innovative thinking not only increases the quality and reliability of what we sell, but it promotes the best ergonomic office situations. This will increase your company's productivity, efficiency, and worth. What an investment!

Product Innovations Award

Concord Products has received from Buildings magazine the Product Innovations Award at the Neocon World Trade Fair 2010 for the Concord Stealth panel. Go to www.concordmicrocomputer.com to find out more about this innovative product!



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Concord USED Product

ridell 099USED System 2000 workstations

Used System # 2000 workstations at phenomenal pricing.

Concord Used workstations are quality and are even priced below the clone and Asian imports available on the market

Compliant with UL standards for safety- office furnishings (UL-1286). / ETL labeled.

U.S. made and built to last! With over 25 years of product legacy.

*Clad in 19 oz density heavy-duty fabric

*High-pressure laminate-post formed worktops

* Ball bearing-steel constructed pedestals with key alike capability.

Thousands of panels are available for you to select; all from the manufacturer.

Call for pricing today.

Installation services and space planning available just call - 856.933.3000.



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environment"Our relationship with Concord Products Co. is over 20 + years and,

due to the many success stories, remains very strong. Concord Products Co.,

has in house furniture panel, wood and steel fabrication capability along

with the ability to develop innovative engineering solutions to customer

requirements. Concord Products consistently meets our aggressive

scheduling requirements at a price competitive to other

furniture manufacturers."

"Equally as important, Concord Products Co. stands behind their product

and provides customer service without adding unplanned costs to the project."

"I am strongly endorsing Concord Products Co. Inc. as a preferred quality

vendor who brings experience, innovation, customer driven service at a

fair price."

- Jerry Cardone

- Director Facilities Planning and Design,

- Medco Health Solutions

mission"Concord has been on our team for 15 years providing superior pricing,

product & support. We have relied on Concord's expertise in all of our

buildings across the region. Besides Concord's complete line of workstations and

casegoods, they can fabricate and retrofit any part needed to compliment any

other workstation brand."

"Concord has been an integral part of our growth. I can't say enough about their

responsiveness & willingness to tackle any project, no matter how large or small,

through their project management team."

"Concord Products has my complete endorsement with no reservations."

- Tom Hocker         

- VP of Facilities         

- Realogy Corp         

tree w tag"It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of appreciation for the service

level Concord Products has provided to Sandvik Inc. over the past 35 years.

Concord provides a very high quality product and the professionalism in which

they have shown, has helped us to meet our needs. It must be seen at our location to be appreciated.

Sandvik Inc. is always looking for suppliers that bring added value to their service,

and your business ethic has proven to be the best in your industry.

We would be very pleased to offer a recommendation to Concord Products should the need arise.

Yours sincerely,

Davina Davad

Vice President, Operations

Sandvik Inc."


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Quick Ship

Saving you time. Time is money. When managed right, it will make you prosper but when managed wrong it can create countless problems.

In today's society it's common for even the most industrious people to need things done 'yesterday', as it were.

Taking all into consideration, we've outlined our most common product lines and options that are available for the quickest turnaround.

19-0014Finishes and Products. To have the best quick shipment options, we only offer things that we can provide to you the soonest.

Concord's quick ship program offers 15 fabric colors, 6 laminate colors, and 2 trim colors.

An extensive offering of products will surely fulfill just about any order. This is meant to expedite the ordering and manufacturing process.

This is a good option for time-sensitive projects or when someone simply wants ease of choices.

Contact your local area representative for details.






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