Information and Policies you will need to know when we ship your orders.


+Information and Policies

Standing firm as the point where our products become your products, we take care to ensure a safe arrival and transmittal of all you purchases from our company. On orders large or small, we know how important the shipping process is and we are here to help you get the best possible experience. 


At Our Factory.

Beginning at our factory location, every component is packaged and organized in order to ensure the best use of space and a safe shipment.  The time in preparation for the transit of your furniture is a key factor of a successful transaction that will lead to a pleasurable experience with us and we are confident you will be coming back for more.


In Case of Damage.

Unfortunately, due to an increase in the workload of most freight companies, loss or damage may occur in transit of materials.  If this should happen, the situation can be remedied quickly with the use of our +Freight Damage and loss Document.  Always make a habit of thoroughly inspecting all deliveries you receive before you sign for their receipt. If anything seems damaged take pictures and do not approve the receival of the product. At times, there may be concealed damage that was not visible at the time of receipt. It is necessary to fill out a request for inspection with the carrier who delivered the materials within 15 days. Take a careful look at our Damaged Freight Document for a complete explanation of the options you have in case of these events.


Express Delivery Charges.

We realize that often times when customers request pricing for furniture they may have several deadlines to meet. Timing and organization are extremely vital to the success of a project. Concord offers a process specifically designed for time sensitive situations. Our Express Delivery options ensure the products will be in our customers' hands quickly and efficiently – when you need it! This is a billable service based on customer demand of an exact date and time of delivery.