GREEN Commitment

Helping you help our environment 


You can count on Concord to provide you with product options that are sustainable and to be socially conscious of the impact we make.

Concord is a GREEN manufacturer. We strive to be a responsible manufacturer who asks questions for betterment. How can we reduce waste? How can we make a difference? This is a campaign to fight the good fight. We at Concord are committed to the communities in which we operate in and pledge to recycle materials and make a difference

Environmental Report

Ergonimic workplaces built with sustainable furnishings. From how we ship your furniture to you all the way untill we offer to Buyback your furniture from you, you can be sure that with Concord, we are committed to lessening our impact and that of our customers.  See more details about our GREEN Team in our Environmental Report brochure.

Perception vs. Reality

In our efforts to ensure you know all the details of our commitment to GREEN manufacturing we have an additional document that details how our Conceil Wall offerings really prove to be the best choice for any of your architectural wall needs. Take a moment and see how by browsing our Perception vs. Reality brochure.


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