Promotions and Incentives

Sales Incentives and Dealer Opportunities


Incentive Programs

 Concord Products is proud to introduce our new 5-5-2 , and 20-15-5 program

A new sales program for system 2000 allowing for heavy discounting. Call 856.933.3000 for more details. 
+5-5-2 sales program +20-15-5 colors

We offer incentives to help you get motivated and increase your productivity. The more you take advantage of our programs, the more valuable the relationship between us will be.

Get started by learning more about our specialized programs:  +SPIFF Program, +Rebate Program, and Fees for Specification.


Showroom Display

Show off! Showroom display materials are here for use by request.


+Design with Value Engineering

Special guides to help you win every competitive project and always come out on top with smart design and value engineering.

+Press Release

Get the word out. Keep up-to-date with a Concord Press Release.


+Buyback program

In an effort to help our environment and our cooperation with our customers, we offer a unique program where we will buy back used furniture. Click to learn more.


+Used Program

We sell a limited amount of Used furniture at competitive prices based on a first come first serve basis. Call today to find out if our inventory can help increase your budget.


+Federal Contracts

Concord Products is on-schedule with the U.S. Federal Government (GSA). This contract gives you the opportunity to profit from the lucrative government furniture market.


+State Contracts

We hold contracts in several states. To find out how many, which ones, and if yours is one of them just click the Government tab from our Clients menu. If your state isn't one of them, rest assured we're working to get there.


Generous Dealer Margins

Nice dealer margins, not counting your profits from design and installation.


Bid Assistance

Concord staff has significant experience winning federal, state, and commercial bids. We're glad to assist with sale strategy and bid development.


Professional Quality Presentation

Our experienced, professional staff gives you high-quality drawings to improve your order close rate and profit.


Space Planning and Order Checking

At dealer request, new project commercial space planning can be provided by Concord Products in support of significant sales opportunities. Up to four at no charge. Reconfigurations are billable.


Quick Response

We have an average 24 to 48-hour turnaround.


Free Order Checking

Upon request, we'll gladly check your order for accuracy and completeness. You'll get a response, with suggested changes, within 24 hours.