Credit Policy

The best use of the good credit you have worked to build.


Making credit work for you


Concord Products is committed to forging a profitable relationship with our dealers, one in which both of us benefit. Whether we invoice the end user directly or we invoice you, mutual profit (and other benefits) is the goal. Use these proven profit-building strategies.


Ask early for a +Credit Application

Getting the credit application early allows your accounting department time to check a customer's credit and quantify their credit limit. Weeding out customers who won't be able to meet their financial obligations saves you from wasting valuable sales efforts.


Use deposits to save time and cash

Asking for a deposit early in the sales process lets the customer know your requirements. Scrambling for deposits after you've already received the customer purchase order wastes selling time. Early deposit notification helps your customer plan cash disbursements responsibly.

Further, you can use customer cash to satisfy our deposit requirements. For example, you sell a $100,000 job, and require a 50% deposit. leasingThe customer pays you $50,000. In turn, you are buying the product from us for $70,000 and we are asking for a deposit. You pay us $35,000 and keep the $15,000 difference. You've just paid for half the job without using your own cash.


Understand our +Credit Policy

If you are a Concord sales rep, use the downloadable documents in the side menu to set up new dealers and communicate our credit policy. If you are a dealer, these documents will help you understand our policy and why we may ask for deposits or our procedure when an account goes into default.


Leasing with Concord Capital

We understand that especially in today's economy, making the decision to purchase office furniture is a major investment for a company. We are committed to making our products available to everyone. In our efforts to make your job a little easier and assist you in planning and managing your project, we've made available several options for financing your new furniture purchase. With us, you will leverage your present furniture investment to its fullest potential.


Paying with a +Credit Card

We accept credit cards as payment of deposits and balances for projects. Please remember to take into account service fees of whatever amount will be charged.