Design Resources


The key to a great product is a great design. And the key to a great design is having the right resources. Here we are providing you with everything you need in order to get the best out of what we offer. This is our center for just what is needed to design the most impressive, stylish, and efficient office spaces money can buy.

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Concord Systems meet all kinds of design needs. Searching for a modern look? We have countless options for Fabric, Laminate, Paint, Veneer, Glass, Acrylic, and more that fit our stations like a glove. Concerned about sound control? We offer panels with high sound resistance so you will be confident in your offices. Need to maximize limited natural light? Our glass options and open frames create both clear light transmittance and great airflow.


Trust us, we know our furniture.

Through over 40 years in the business of making Systems Furniture, we have developed the most optimal combination of design aesthetics, practical efficiency, and affordability.

Use our tools to design your perfect workspace and you will be amazed by how great it looks, how well it functions, and how little it costs.








We offer a wide array of options for the look of our furniture. Wood grains and deep colors for a more classic look. Soft pastels and light colors for a clean, bright look. Or even high contrasts and color combinations to create a modern atmosphere. Whatever your focus may be, we have the finishes to impress you.


Not so clear on the exact look you want? Need some ideas or some inspiration? Check out our Typicals. Use this resource to jump-start your ideas, to hone your vision, or to add the finishing touches to your design. We are confident you'll like what you find and you'll love how it looks.