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Getting you involved.


To satisfy your needs as a customer, we have set up a specialized interactive zone. We encourage you to learn how we work and share all of your entrepreneurial ideas! Find out how you fit in at Concord University. Training videos, guides, and much more are in the works and coming soon...

Updated Tools

Keep checking back for more and more additions to this page as we move forward with our initiative to provide you with everything you need to be successful right here in our site.  See below that we have started posting some great interactive and informative Power Point Presentations about some of our best selling systems. 

Sales Presentations

+Velocity Presentation

+System 2000 Presentation

+System 1900 Presentation

+Conceil Presentation

 +Elevation Presentation

+Architectural Simplicity

+Overall Product Presentation

+Website Training Presentation

Additional Training Tools

+Panel Heights - System 2000

+Panel Heights- System 1900

+Overall Product Cleaning and Maintenance

Additional Training Tools (Installation Manuals)

System 2000 Installation Manual

System 1900 Installation Manual

System 1900 Acryilic Slding Door

System 1900- Assembly/Disassembly Glass Tile

Velocity Installation Manual

Velocity Steel Technology Insert Installation Manual

Velocity Top Rail Installation Manual

Velocity Custom Locking Tab Installation Manual

Velocity Technology Power Window Cover

Velocity Cover Plate Bracket

Conceil 2.0 Installation Manual

Conceil 2.0 Base Power Install

Conceil 3.0 Installation Manual

Conceil Sliding Door Installation Manual

Heavy Duty Monitor Arm Installation

Steel Hutch

Elevation Assembly Instructions

Architectural Simplicity Glass Sliding Door

S-TLED Installation Instructions

Additional Training Tools (power block spacing)

System 2000 Power Block Spacing

System 1900 Power Block Spacing

Additional Training Tools

Elevation support hardware options